After growing up in Canada and continuing my higher education and Masters in the United Kingdom, I have finally settled myself in a city for long term. I have developed a passion in teaching and began to fall in love with the little emperors here in Shanghai. As I result, I forfeited my career as a lawyer while taking steps towards being an English teacher. I give my whole heart to my students and embrace every opportunity I have with them. I feel super proud and satisfied when my students strive to progress and succeed. Students’ happiness and improvement are worth every drop of my sweat.

Alex K


I have a natural passion for teaching and for languages. That’s why I’ve chosen Germanic philology as my major at the University of Canterbury. During my studies I’ve been volunteering as a family tutor helping immigrant families getting involved into the society of New Zealand. Before I came to Shanghai I’ve been teaching in Chongqing and Sichuan. The age of my students ranged from very young learners to highly motivated professionals. My aim of teaching is not only English level improvement but all-round education, cultural exchange and fulfilling our lives with discoveries.



As an avid learner of languages myself, I want to help children develop the same passion and love for studying foreign languages that I have. As their English teacher here at Parrot English, I can provide them with all the necessary skills to tackle the challenge of learning their first foreign language and act as a guide on their way of becoming a confident English speaker.

Alex P

我出生于一个英国的小市镇,叫Armagh。 在我从州立外国语大学拿到英语和德语系的硕士学位后,我决定开始我的教学事业。我在自己的家乡幼儿园教了3年的英语。 之后我选择了去一个英语不是第一语言的国家去教小孩英语。现在我很高兴能够在派乐少儿英语和一个专业的教学团队一起工作。

I was born in a small city called Armagh in the United Kingdom. After I graduated from State University of Foreign Languages and received my Masters Degree in English and German languages, I decided to start my teaching career. I spent 3 years teaching kids in a public kindergarten in my hometown. Afterwards I chose to go to a non-English speaking country to continue my career as an English teacher for young learners. I am happy to be here in Shanghai now and to be able to work with such well-qualified teachers from Parrot English.


我从小就喜爱教学。 英语是一种国际语言。 我很想把这个语言教学给到下一代。我相信在不久的将来,世界的每一个人都能够用一种语言跟别人沟通。因为我在大学时学到就是普通话,所以我很了解并很喜欢中国。如果我有超能力的话,我会想要把世界上所有的语言都学会了。我相信孩子学语言的话是越早学越好,这样就能够把语言说得很流利。

I have always loved teaching. English is very important for worldwide communication and I want to pass this to the next generations. I believe that in the near future, every person in the world will be able to understand each other through languages. I am also very familiar with the Chinese language and culture as well since I major in Mandarin during University. If I could, I would love to learn all the languages in the world in order to teach the children as well. I believe that the best time to learn a language is as young as possible for native speaking level.


当一个人学到的语言越多,他的人生会变得更加丰富。我觉得英语不仅仅是一门语言,更是给大家一起享受而存在。学会一门新的语言能够让我们开展新的世界和人生经验。 我希望能够借助我的帮助和你的力量共同开设通往新的世界的大门。

The more languages you learn, the richer you become. I think English language is not only language of certain cultures but tha is also there for everyone to enjoy. Being able to speak a new language opens up a whole new world for many new great experiences and adventures to be had. I hope that with my help and your energy, we will be able to open your door to this new world.



I like to think of myself as a storyteller. In my point of view, imagination is what keeps us going and gives us hope. I hope that, one day, the world will be a better place for everyone! We can achieve that dream if we start learning how to communicate very early! Human beings are born with this extraordinary gift to interact with others and that's how we learn the meaning of unity at a very young age. I always try to pass this vision to my students. We can be anything we want, we can achieve all the goals we want but, for that to happen, we need to start somewhere... We need to start learning the worldwide spoken language: English!


我是在南非的一个小镇长大,所以我自然地拥有着一颗探索世界的心。 小时候,我花了很多课余的时间在一座孤儿院给小孩子上课。 这个时候我已经喜欢上教学了。 就是这个对教学的热情带我来到上海这个这么有趣的城市。 孩子的进步就是我的成就。 我相信我对成功的坚定能让我成为一位更加好的老师。我很期待把我的知识传达给派乐的孩子们。

I was born and raised in a small town in South Africa, naturally I was filled with wanderlust and a desire to explore the world. I spent a lot of my time after school helping out at local orphanages teaching young children. I instantly fell in love with teaching and found the experience very rewarding. That passion for teaching has led me here to Shanghai where everything is new and exciting. I messure my success in my students progress. I believe that my determination to be successful is part of what drives me to always be a better teacher and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with the students of Parrot English.



Hello there, my name is Rudi. I'm a bit of a bubbly personality and I feel so blessed to be part of the kids' lives. When I studied I never knew how rewarding it actually would be to teach and to see how proud they are when they know the material. Ever since I taught orphans and kids in general, I just fell in love with it didn't matter what I was teaching, boxing or english. I'm always happy to teach as they are all good examples of my success. But one of the main reasons I teach is to give every boy and girl a chance to be successful. Why teach in Shanghai? It's because China is a beautiful country with lot of cultural experiences and an awesome fast pace lifestyle and I love it.


我在美国田纳西州的一个小镇叫Pigeon Forge长大。 当我在大学修读英语语言学的时候,我开始在幼儿园当老师。这个时候我发现我已爱上跟小孩子沟通。 没有一样东西比看着孩子们学习和成长更加有成就感。毕业后,我决定要一边环游世界,一边和小孩工作。这就是为什么我现在在中国的原因。

I was born and raised in a small American town Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. While getting my degree in English Philology at the UT (University of Tennessee) I started working as a kindergarten teacher and I fell in love with working with kids. There isn't a more amazing feeling than filling young learners' minds with knowledge and watch them develop their skills. After graduating I realized that I wanted to discover the world while following my passion of working with kids and that's how I ended up in China.

Alex Z


Hello I'm Alex, nice to meet you! I am a very positive, honest and outgoing person who is in love with music, art, nature, sports and anything related. In my opinion the best way to learn anything in life is by having fun along the way. The more languages you learn, the more experiences you can share with others. People often ask me how can I smile all the time,and the answer is pretty simple. You just have to play your way through each and every challenge!


Children are the future, wouldn't you agree? For any future, wherever it might be they will need many different skills. I believe that languange is the most important of them. Wherever they will go they will need it. It's like a magic key that opens all the doors for them. When I teach i try to give my students the courage to speak, in order for them to have more confidence and believe in their own ability to achieve anything they desire.


Hello, everyone! My name is Bink. I come from Shanghai. I’m positive about almost every aspect of my life.
It is easy for me to communicate with children. I love teaching, I was determined to be an English teacher when I was very young. It’s a joy to play with children. I believe that interest is the best teacher.
I’ll try my best to raise the interest level of the children in learning English.




I love to be with kids, I love English very much. When the two things are combined, I have successfully become an English teacher. Because of the love and persistence to this job, I have been engaged in the teaching of English for many years. On the road of learning English, children will encounter various problems. I will try my best to help each child overcome difficulties. I will work side by side with parents to solve the problems in learning English. Let's fall in love with English!



I have acquired a different kind of happiness from learning English, and having better English skill makes me much more outstanding than my friends. That boosts my confidence and increases my strength. Therefore I would like to share this with all the children and grow together.


我有英日的会话能力。从很小时,我以动画为契机便开始接触外语,并自己学习语言。所以我理解如何在孩童时代,让孩子们更有效地爱上外语。我前往日本进修了半年,学习的是日本文化以及礼仪。在日本的暑假期间,我有幸得到一份向世界各地游客以及日本当地居民介绍新活动的实习。暑假期间遇到了很多孩子,我和孩子们渡过了充满欢笑的暑假。这时我突然领悟到,或许我可以做一名面向孩子们的语言教师! 这便是我现在在派乐的原因 ♡

I started learning foreign languages by myself since I was young. I know what it feels like to learn another language as a child. I got an internship opportunity during the summer vacation in Japan. The main task was to introduce new events to both European tourists and local Japanese people. There were a lot of kids during the summer vacation, and I had my great time with them. That was the first time I had an epiphany that maybe I can be a language teacher for kids. So here I am at Parrot English!



I am thrilled to join the professional teaching team at Parrot English. I studied English language at university. Since then I have always dreamed to share my passion and knowledge for this beautiful language. I am actively learning more about children psychology since my son's birth. This helps with my classroom teaching. I believe that young kids learn the most from the surrounding enviroment. That's why I take my position as a teacher very seriously and I have always been an inspiring role-model for my students.



Every student is an elf, and their mind is not a container to be filled, but a torch to be lit. I would like to do my best to light up the students' torches with truth, kindness and knowledge in their heart.


英语已经成为我们国家的第二语言, 越来越多加入到了学习英语的行列中去。作为一个老师,最重要的事情是激发孩子们学习英语的兴趣并帮助他们掌握知识。我很喜欢英语,更喜欢孩子们。如果一个老师喜欢他、她所做的工作并且爱孩子们,他、她一定会成为一名优秀的教师。我非常享受在派乐和孩子们一起玩一起学习的时光。快来加入我们吧!

English is our country's second language, so more and more children join the rank of learning English. To be a teacher, the most important thing is to arouse kids' interest in English and help children to master their knowledge in English. I love English, and prefer teaching children. If a teacher likes what he/she does and loves his/her students, he/she will be an excellent teacher. I enjoy playing and studying with kids at Parrot English. So come join us!



I like English. It’s a language with a soul like my mother tongue. I hope to explore the charm of English with every kids from Parrot English. To improve their initiative and enthusiasm in English learning is the primary principle of my teaching. I will do my utmost to help them speak English confidently.



I like English because it can bring me a lot of fun and I like kids . The innonce of children is a kind of purity .It can help me find the real self .So I will try my best to conduct the children and I will do my best to do the work well.



Hello everyone! My name is Lucky. That's right, it's so lucky that I can join the professional teaching team at Parrot English. I have been growing up ever since. There is a saying that says: Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. I always follow this education concept with my own postive teaching concept towards kids. I am an educator and English learner. Stay hungry, stay foolish. I have a wonderful time with them to learn and grow happily. I believe that love is a key.